Dragons and spheres and chimeras, Oh my!


Some lovely and surreal Renaissance images of marvels and unexplained phenomena, from Taschen’s The Book of Miracles.

page_va_book_of_miracles_2400_375a_1311061537_id_750233 Pew pew pew! Malevolent forces play Space Invaders with trembling Christian folk.

page_va_book_of_miracles_2400_371a_1311061537_id_750218 This happened to a friend of a friend. He went to the shops to get a paper and some milk, but he found the whole area blasted into desert, then he was gnawed by a dragon and he went to heaven. Ker-razy.

page_va_book_of_miracles_2400_343a_1311061536_id_750203 It’s raining icebergs and sort of lion mask things, Hallelujah.

page_va_book_of_miracles_2400_255a_1311061535_id_750173 Flying duck-eel-Muppet creatures wearing crowns, obviously. Eh, happens all time round our way.

page_va_book_of_miracles_2400_239a_1311061535_id_750158 Wow, such sky beams, very dazzle, many falling over towrs, much giant sea doge.

page_va_book_of_miracles_2400_185a_1311061535_id_750143 An alarmingly massive comet makes the towers and spires go all wonky again.

page_va_book_of_miracles_2400_181a_1311061534_id_750128 Nobody could deny her crimefighting prowess, but Donkey Lizard Bearded Arse Bird Leg Woman just wasn’t working as a superheroine name.

page_va_book_of_miracles_2400_047a_1311061534_id_750098 Don’t hate you those days where huge…

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