Colonel Robin 2016

Performance for winter solstice in Portland, Dorset


Unique, one-to-one performances and rituals to destroy the year’s negative influences and events.

Colonel Robin is a figure created anew but in the ancient– and in some places still extant– British and mainland European traditions of vernacularly crafted, masked, costumed characters associated with the depths of winter and renewal for the year to come. He* collects negative aspects of the previous 12 months and ritually destroys them for individuals and for the community as a whole.

  • Note: As with most characters in folk parades, “he” can be played by a man or a woman, just as a “she” may be portrayed by either gender.

Publicity text:

Say “ifty on” to 2016 and “nefty in” to 2017. Because you’ve been such very, very good children, Colonel Robin is bringing his mask, bells, lights and medals to Outpost to share some alternative end of year traditions you may like to adopt. You can also donate a gripe, a grudge, a regret, a reprobate, a sadness or a silliness from the past year so that Colonel Robin can definitively (and confidentially) excise/exorcise them along with anything else you didn’t like about 2016.


“Colonel says to Old Bob Scratch
Winter so dark, come back and hatch.
Says Bob year gone, ifty on.
Says Bob new year, nefty in”