Artbollocks Theatre 2013-2015

Artbollocks Theatre 2013-2015

Live and webcast performances


Dramatic readings of the worst artist statements, gallery press releases and art criticism. Their writing is a tragedy, so I repeat them as comedy. All real, all bad, all by supposedly professional artists, gallerists and curators. I haven’t changed a single word or phrase for comic effect. This is quite a depressing fact, as is the fact that I never seem to run out of material. On the plus side I’ve done these readings in live club or comedy settings like Schei$$e Kunst in London and b-side Festival‘s cabaret night, and audiences have absolutely no hesitation in laughing at the incredibly silly, self-aggrandising, pretentious and grandiose things artists and curators sometimes write about their work. Maybe that fact is worth thinking about, dear colleagues in the arts?

Visit my Artbollocks Theatre album on Vimeo to see the whole of series one, two and three.

I heard you like theatre so I put some Artbollocks Theatre in your actual theatre. Photo by Pete Millson at b-side Festival 2014.