Magickal Realism

Performance lecture with live video mix, inspired by the life, death and magic of John Dee.

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Promotional flyer for Magickal Realism, Elizabethan style, describing the show and decorated with devils, angels, and rabbits.
Promotional flyer for Magickal Realism.
Alistair Gentry in Magickal Realism, wearing a cap with long ear flaps, an Elizabethan ruff, and a plague mask with a long pointed nose.
Magickal Realism, 2010.
A small bust of John Dee with an iridescent black finish.
John Dee bust by Alistair Gentry.
A German version of the Elizabethan style flyer for Magical Realism, describing the show in German.
Flyer for the German performances of Magickal Realism.
Alistair Gentry in Elizabethan dress, including a white, starched ruff.
Magickal Realism, 2010.
Alistair Gentry in Elizabethan dress, including a white, starched ruff, and modern dress, pulling a black hood down over his eyes.
Magickal Realism, 2010.
A collage of sepia toned images showing wizards, devils, angels, and occult diagrams.
Mosaic of stills from live video mix in Magickal Realism.
A woodcut of a man in long robes, wearing a plague mask with a long beak.
Plague doctor.
A colour lithograph of two middle aged men in a graveyard at night, under a crescent moon, talking with a person they have brought back to life from a grave. The dead man is wearing his white burial clothes.
Dee and Kelley raise the dead.
A stuffed toy that resembles a stereotypical terrorist, with a black wool balaclava and staring eyes.
Elizabethan hexing “projector” poppet.
A woodcut of elderly witches meeting a black, winged devil while demons fly overheaad.
Witches meet Satan.
A sepia tone woodcut showing the spheres of heaven and earth.
Still from Magickal Realism- the spheres of creation.
A sepia toned image showing skeletons dancing and playing musical instruments while smoke swirls around them.
Still from Magickal Realism- danse macabre.
A monochrome photo of a man tied to a chair, dressed in a suit. Disembodied hands are touching him and reaching for him.
Spirit hands.