The Dorchester and Poundbury Office for Imaginary Housing 2021

Monochrome artist's impression of a new housing development in Dorset, with gender swaps, giant head, on-road skiing, and parties.
Exciting units coming to this site in 2021. Live your best lifestyle with giant heads and on-road skiing.

A time and dimension-travelling imaginary history/future tour for an ancient house.

Texts, images and performances commissioned by The Arts Development Company for Dorchester’s Roman Town House, run by Dorset Museum. Visitors get on the imaginary property ladder with “viewings” of houses from the past, parallel, and future of a site that has already been inhabited for nearly two thousand years. A spin-off from The Portland Office for Imaginary History which has been running nearby for six years now!

Tourist information signs pointing left towards Dinosaurs, Teddy Bears, and Terracotta Warriors, and right towards Tutankamun (sic) and Romans. Lower down on the pole is a red and white striped sign with a manicule pointing left and downwards at BARBARIANS.
Attractions of Dorchester.
Icon silhouettes of a man being stalked by one of Dorset's ABCs (Alien Big Cats).
Enjoy Dorset’s friendly wildlife.
A monochrome image of a ghostly and confusing house, with the outline of an astral traveller's body floating above it. At the bottom of the image is a Latin phrase: TANQUEM ALTER IDEM.
Never the same house twice! Live-in concierge/Dweller at the Threshold.