Underground Movies 2014

Performance lecture

Photo by Pete Millson.

A companion to my R***** performances at b-side Multimedia Arts Festival in Dorset. I talked through the peculiar history of Oryctolagus cuniculus in motion pictures. From Harvey through Alice in Wonderland to Donnie Darko*, apparently ties, white gloves, being a bit scary**, and an obsession with time are obligatory. This performance took place in some very atmospheric subterranean tunnels formerly used as an artillery battery, with a cycle-powered cinema setup (and several very hard working and sweaty cyclists) providing power for all the gear. I also had the opportunity to deploy the splendid bunny-shaped candles I’d been saving for some previously unknown and unspecified occasion.

The video doesn’t make much sense without my talk, but if I ever get around to recording the lecture and putting the two together I’ll put it here.

* The nerdier readers will have noticed that I am wearing Donnie’s Halloween costume…

** Hence:


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