JCP (The Glass Pagoda)

JCP (The Glass Pagoda)

JCP-BOOK_GIF(2)I wrote various texts and provided names for these hybrid art/interior design objects commissioned by an Italian company. First presented at the Salone del Mobile, Milan Design Week 2017 and in a limited edition book called A Guide to the JCP Universe (selected pages in the GIF above). Collaboration between myself and a large team of furniture, set and graphic designers including CTRLZAK.

See my previous collaboration for this project, Ten Secret Treasures.

Photo by Slivio Macchi of the Glass Pavilion installation.
Perflect cabinets, designed by Sam Baron, with Oglof seat. Black and super mirror steel.


They need new mirrors
More than they need strange new worlds
To find aliens

Naia mirrors designed by CTRLZAK. Marble, steel and brass.


She brushes her black hair
Looking into her own eyes
And planets are made

Sideroid (Zenith) cabinet designed by CTRLZAK. Resin body with 3D printed meteorite.


The inhabitants
Revere and preserve the things
That fall from the sky

Threeve, Betoo and Rone lights designed by Richard Hutten. Metal and LEDs.

Threeve, Betoo, and Rone

At the end of time
When humans live in darkness
Robots see for them