Autumn 2013

Forthcoming engagements and appearances:

This autumn I am researching a new performance commission for 2014 on the (sort of) Isle of Portland at the start of October and attending b-side’s symposium on festivals and site-specific art. That’s Portland, Dorset not Portland, Oregon. The symposium takes place from Thursday 10th October to Saturday 12th October. The next b-side festival is in September 2014. More details at the link.

Magickal Realism.

I am giving a full presentation of my performance lecture about John Dee Magickal Realism at MUSAC (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y Léon) in Spain on Sunday 20th October. Some of the accompanying films will be on show in the museum for a few months, from October to January. This is part of an extensive collection of performance lectures and other quasi-academic works by artists being shown at MUSAC.

Artbollocks Theatre.

The day before that, on the 19th, I’m showing some of my filmed Artbollocks Theatre readings of bad artist statements and inept gallery PR at Sluice Art fair 2013 in London and then I’ll be taking part in a remote (because I’ll be in Spain for my other show…) discussion of the pitfalls that writers about art seem to so frequently and merrily blunder into. If you miss me at Sluice, I will be doing more Artbollocks Theatre performances in London’s Trendy East End™ at the start of November.

Please join me in Dorset, Léon or London if you can. Turning up at all three might be a bit creepy, though.