ArtBTheatreTitleMy original commentary on this text is here: An experimental, rarefied field for the art exhibition. Scroll down for the video. As usual, I’ve beeped out the perp’s name because I find it funnier. Discover the identity of the person who made a fool of themselves by following the link.

This week’s dramatic reading of an artist statement involves a fundamental building block of the artbollocks edifice: rather than being a mere maker of images, the artist is supposedly some kind of metaphysical investigator who is questioning life, philosophy and reality with the paradigm-busting rigour of an Einstein, a Nietszche or a Darwin. Occasionally some artists do exactly that and so they should, but the ones who genuinely are avant garde rarely go around trying to impress everyone with how clever and 4 REALZ they are by saying (or implying) that their art is so vital it shatters the…

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