ArtBTheatreTitleIn this week’s dramatic reading of a ghastly artist statement, we meet another numpty who’s not a mere performance artist poncing around in an art gallery; she’s carrying out an “investigation” with the potential to shatter everything we thought we knew. In common with several other perps who are featured in this series, she also claims to be going beyond scientific constraints– NO, MR. WHITE! NO, SCIENCE! Not only that, but she’s alsoinventing a new language between performer and audience. And here I was thinking she was just another grandiloquent ignoramus who flipped through a back issue of New Scientist in the dentist’s waiting room one time. I’m starting to believe the main impetus for many contemporary artists isn’t talent, or having anything to say, or curiosity, or insight… it’s just that they were really traumatised and humiliated by science and English classes in school and they’ve never…

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