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Calling occupants of interplanetary craft

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft



I wouldn’t say that Funky Forest: The First Contact (ナイスの森 Naisu no mori) is a good or neccessarily a very funny film for the most part. But it is a film in which the scene above occurs, which is a kind of recommendation if you’re a fan of this blog and its usual subject matter. After a passing high school student is persuaded to use her navel to power up a Cronenbergian television that gives birth to a miniature sushi chef through its puckered sphincter-screen, the scene ends like this:

FunkyForest_WhatDoYouThink copy

To which the only possible response from her– and us, probably– is:

FunkyForest_IHonestlyDontKnow copy

 (More animated GIFs follow: give them a few moments to load.)

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