What is Art? A User’s Guide

Don’t worry, everybody: I’m not dead, I’m just resting. I’ve been doing some teaching and getting together some new projects to be publicised soon. Also farting about at art things in London to no great enlightenment or enjoyment for the most part, no surprises there.

Anyway, I’m appearing next at What is Art? A User’s Guide (A Crash Course in Brain Surgery) at Southampton City Art Gallery on Thursday 1st December 2016. This event is being run by Visual Arts South West alongside the British Art Show 8 which is on in Southampton concurrently. A series of speakers will possibly answer questions such as “what is good art?” and “what does artist-led mean?” Some of the talks are pecha kuchas so if you don’t like them, they’ll be over in six minutes! Lots of great speakers, so it will definitely be entertaining even if you never actually find out what art is. I’m giving a talk entitled “Why You Should Stop Being an Artist.” You probably should, you know…

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