Sluice__ talks and Space Time Agency performances


Saturday 21 May, 12-6pm

A day of quickfire talks and performances at The Averard Hotel,  10 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3LH

Performance programme  12 – 3pm  by  Space Time Agency

Quid pro quo means roughly “this for that”, a mutual exchange of services or goods. Artists Laura-Moreton Grifiths and Alistair Gentry perform live art, barter skills, barter live art and perform barter. Visitors can explore the space and the performances freely.


Talks programme  3  – 6pm  by  Sluice_talks

Speakers from across the creative spectrum will talk about a single work of art/book/film/idea that has informed their practice. They are allowed to use one image (projected behind them) and they have 10 minutes – strictly enforced. Questions and dialogue will take place informally after all the talks are completed.
Manick Govinda
Kasper Pincis
William Martin
Piers Veness
Alistair Gentry
Laura Davidson
Fisun Guner
Dallas Seitz
Jane Hayes Greenwood
Jonny Roberts
Nick Scammell
Ben Street