Follow up to WHAT THE DUCK? When the Chinese Communist Party talks more sense than many art wonks about the real (i.e. non monetary) value of contemporary art, things are really screwed. It’s a bit like Hitler telling you to cool it with the anti–Semitism. The People’s Daily newspaper, effectively a sock puppet for the Party, recently issued an editorial in which it praised artist Florentijn Hofman’s wildly popular 16m tall duck installation in the bay at Hong Kong, while also firmly castigating the flood of copycat inflatables as “kitsch and unoriginal”. Kitsch and unoriginal are also pretty good descriptors of the Chinese commercial art world in general, which has been blindly hyped in the West in recent years.

Unoriginal art “will ruin our creativity and our future and lead to the loss of imagination eventually,” according to the People’s Daily. “The more yellow ducks are there, the further we are from…

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