Paintings for sale!?

Ever felt Matisse needed more wheelchairs, or that Picasso painting could do with a hearing aid? Some of the paintings I made for 25% (Rectification), my contribution to 2022’s national celebration of Dadaism and the disability rights movement, are for sale. This project was about inserting disabled people into famous art works to highlight how few of them we usually see as models or subjects for art.

The only reason I’d ever engage in a Victorian affectation like painting is for something satirical like this (LOL sorry not sorry painters), but for what it’s worth I think these are pretty good. Check out the sale page and get your red hot fake Matisses and Picassos, etc. here.

A version of Matisse's Nu Bleu 2, which has been altered so that the blue woman is now sitting in a blue wheelchair against a white background.