DoxBox is back, March 22 2023!

A person wearing a pink mask, with a pink wig, white googly eyes, and wearing a pink kimono and one white glove. Beside them is DoxBox trustbot, an artificial intelligence who lives in a pink box and has an animated face.
DoxBox Trustbot 2019. Photo by Andrea Capello.

DoxBox Trustbot is back in the SPRINT Festival of “new and unusual” (I’ll say) live work at Camden People’s Theatre in north London, 7.15pm on Wednesday 22 March 2023. It’s a shared, interactive and unique experience, considering and discussing the trustworthiness of those we share data with, how much this happens whether we know it or like it or not, and how many data versions of ourselves we create online. Book your tickets now at the link below. As part of the booking process you can opt in to have a personal chat and a personalised digital diagnosis with DoxBox!

Originally commissioned by the Open Data Institute’s Data as Culture programme.

Book your tickets at Camden People’s Theatre.