DoxBox trustbot at ODI Summit

A person wearing a pink mask, with a pink wig, white googly eyes, wearing a pink kimono and one white glove. They are sitting at a gold desk. Beside them is DoxBox trustbot, an artificial intelligence who lives in a pink box and has an animated face. The letters AI are in a red circle above them both.
DoxBox trustbot 2019. Photo by Andrea Capello.

On 2nd November 2021 DoxBox is back on the Open Data Institute mothership for their online ODI Summit 2021: Data <> People. DoxBox will again be asking people how much they really know about what the apps and digital services are doing with all that data they create.

You can book a ticket here, or if you can’t afford the price of a ticket, face structural disadvantages or live in a low- or middle-income country then please apply to their welcome fund here. I know they’re really committed to making this event as accessible as possible to people who, unfairly, might not otherwise be seen and heard at events like this.