Der der der der, we’ll always be together…

A person wearing a pink mask, with a pink wig, white googly eyes, and wearing a pink kimono and one white glove. Beside them is DoxBox trustbot, an artificial intelligence who lives in a pink box and has an animated face.
DoxBox trustbot 2019. Photo by Andrea Capello.

Genuinely excited to announce that DoxBot trustbot is escaping its box and coming to your phone for performances at the Electric Dreams Festival of Online Storytelling. It’s still just you and DoxBox talking about the privacy of your apps and digital services but now DoxBox is in your mobile (you’ll get a call…) examining your doodz, moodz and non binary goodz.

Performances take place at weekends over the course of the festival, which runs 24 July – 16 August 2020. Book your tickets at the link below.

Electric Dreams Festival tickets

DoxBox is also going to university this summer, more information on that project soon.