DoxBox Trustbot is watching you

Original concept drawing of the box as a wearable unit. The animated face screen is much bigger in the finished unit.

Since 2018 I’ve been embedded research artist in residence at the Open Data Institute in London, researching the challenges to trust and social equity created by the interconnected nature of the data that companies, services and apps collect (often very opaquely) about our lives and activities. Even though this impacts virtually all of us now– you’re looking at this on the internet, right?– it still might seem a bit of an arid subject, so I made an artificially intelligent hot pink tech drag kawaii robot puppet to help people to talk the subject through. Share enough data, DoxBox matches you up with real stories about the implications of your data life, and you win valuable trust credits!

Shows coming up this summer and autumn in London, then available for touring. More details, performance dates and photos on the site soon. Ask me about bringing DoxBox Trustbot out to you.