Post election breakfast at Assembly Bristol, June 9th

No matter who wins the election on June 8th- Gandalf or Twiki- you can join me in Bristol on Friday June 9th for a panel discussion of fair pay and social equity at The Brunswick Club, because these issues aren’t going away any time soon. I’ll be talking about my work on the Paying Artists campaign, how much this makes some people in the art world hate me, and how difficult it is to even be constructively critical when some people do everything they can to shut down discussion of bad practice in the arts, often shooting the messengers and blaming the victims for good measure. (Deep breath.)

Anyway, this is part of a-n: The Artist Information Company‘s series of Assembly events across the UK. The Bristol session takes place across two days, 8-9 June, and includes workshops and discussions for artists who are parents and for arts educators, among other activities.

More information here, book tickets here, and remember to vote on June the 8th, no excuses… and preferably not for Twiki May because what on earth would you be thinking to do a thing like that? I don’t know, maybe you hate Britain as a collective entity and in its constituent parts of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, poor people, disabled people, unemployed and underemployed people, human rights, international peace and cooperation, privacy, the environment, foreigners, carers, the NHS, nurses, doctors, NHS patients, the emergency services, libraries, schools, teachers, students, elderly people and the general idea that government’s role is to support and nurture the people rather than hammer them down at every opportunity?