b-side Symposium 2015: The Excursionist

Photo by Pete Millson.
Me as The Wilfred, Portland, 2014. Photo by Pete Millson.

Why don’t you join me this 8-9 October in Portland* for b-side’s symposium on art and artists in communities (AKA the real world), tourism, “attractions”, cultural value and everything? With contributions not just from policy wonks but from actual artists or people who work directly with artists and other real humans, imagine that… Find out more and book tickets here.

* (Dorset; I wouldn’t want you to turn up in Oregon because I won’t be there.)

Not just symposium-y stuff, either. You’ll get to see some of the place’s bleak beauty, and there’s actual art from actual artists, including Katrina Palmer’s b-side/Artangel/BBC Radio 4 commission. You’ll also be able to see my annotated supercut of cinematic appearances by the long-eared mammal whose name is not to be mentioned on Portland: Underground Movies. You may like to read more about R*****, my 2014 commission for b-Side.

Jordan McKenzie, photo by Andy Whale.