Vimeo saved the internet star


Most of my stuff of Vimeo now has a facility for you to leave me a small tip with PayPal or your magic pretend money kurejittokādo if you like my work and you would like to support it. It’s a bit like Kickstarter, but I’ve already done it so that’s better, surely? My most recent Artbollocks Theatre reading had about 1000 views in the week or so since it was posted, and if even half the people who watched it gave me such a trifling amount as £1, €1, $1 or whatever then that would go some way towards the life of an artist being not quite so shit and so beholden to shitty, uncreative people as it sometimes is. I’ve adopted the policy of doing the same for other artists, performers and film makers whose work I like. If I do it ten times a month, it costs me £10. Think about it, maybe?

There are new dedicated channels for my performance lecture with live video Magickal Realism, for all my performance lectures on video, and for my aforementioned dramatic readings of bad artist statements, Artbollocks Theatre.

There are also some themed collections of particular types of video work by me at Vimeo, including: documentary, animation and found footage.