1042413421Ten groups currently have applications in for ownership of the new .art top level domain, i.e. the thing that comes after the so-called “dot” in web addresses. I’m sure it will amaze you to learn that eight of the ten applicants seem to be in it purely for the money and probably don’t give a shit about art. The name of “UK Creative Ideas Ltd” is enough to cause a shudder on its own, let alone the fact that they are a “company created specifically to apply for .art“. Another applicant is a Canadian hedge fund. Luxembourg’s Aremi Group has pre-emptively claimed that “dotart” and “.art” are their trademarks, which SEEMS LEGIT and not at all shady. Top Level Domain Holdings is a TLD leviathan apparently dedicated to sucking up everything it can cram into its gaping maw, including such potentially lucrative new TLDs as .art…

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