CareerSuicideBlogArtbollocksBingoCardI don’t only do Artbollocks Theatre because I’m a horrible person who likes mocking idiots mercilessly. Although as it happens I am also a horrible person who likes mocking idiots mercilessly, over the six months or so I’ve been doing it live and as videos online I’ve had lots of really interesting and thought provoking conversations with artists and art people because of it. While I was in the shower yesterday morning and not particularly thinking about anything else (no, don’t bother thanking me for that image, you’re welcome) a related question percolated through: why do some people feel they need to do so much special pleading on behalf of contemporary art and artists? Why is an artist whose paintings all look more or less the same “exploring the poetics of seriality” and not just repeating himself? Why is an artist who copies old science fiction paperback covers a…

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