zabPhilanthropyI’ve mentioned the intellectually and morally impaired art “philanthropist” AnitaZabludowicz here on this blog many times, she of the simpleton masterpiece that is Anita’s Art Diary (Example entry, during a trip to India: “All the ladies were out in force in the streets buying up every Pashmina in sight.” This is actually one of the less banal, fatuous and irrelevant observations.) I’m tempted to say she’s like a character from Absolutely Fabulous, except she would probably regard that show as a gritty documentary. She’s almost impossible to satirise since she does such a good job of unknowingly satirising herself. I’ve also alluded to the way that the ill-gotten wealth of oligarchs, warlords and criminals is regularly laundered– either in a manner of speaking or in the truly criminal and actionable sense of the word– through the upper echelons of the art world. Somehow I missed it when it…

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