Long live the New Flesh

DeeHood01I’m having a bit of a Videodrome-esque week. On Saturday 19th October I’ll be taking part in a discussion about international art English via Skype at London’s Sluice Art Fair, the artist-run fair for artist-run projects. Free entry, preview Friday, open to the public all day Saturday and Sunday. You’ll also be able to see a selection of my Artbollocks Theatre videos there.

I have to be on Skype because during Sluice Art Fair (or Frieze Week, if you must call it that although I’d rather you didn’t) I’ll be in Spain for Conferencia Performativa/Lecture Performance, an exhibition of factual or quasi-factual works by artists at MUSAC (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León). I’ll be performing a new version of Magickal Realism, which will probably also be live streamed. The site goes live on the 17th October. For the time being it just has basic information about the exhibition and the performances.

So in short, for most people over the next week or so I’ll be Max Headroom… in London while I’m in Spain, and online while I’m performing a live show. Funny old world.