ArtBTheatreTitleDramatic readings of the worst artist statements, gallery press releases and art criticism I’ve had the misfortune to encounter. Some of them have already been featured on this site; others are based on tip-offs and reports from colleagues or readers.

The original text is here, egregious typos and all: Configuring the potential. They appear to be serious. This first came to my attention via Dany Louise’s Interpretation Matters. She protects their identities and very succinctly plays Devil’s advocate there, while still being quite firm about it being bad writing. I only beeped out their names because it was funnier and it makes them seem like criminals. You can find out who’s responsible just by following the link. Everybody makes mistakes or does things they regret later, but my belief is that anything you put your name to in public is just that: public. You…

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