I was recently notified of a new Twitter follower who in turn is followed by an interesting and unlikely institution: London’s Whitechapel Gallery.


The Whitechapel is into “serial entrepreneurs” and “fitness junkies”, apparently. “Whitechapel Art Gallery”=WAG. Coincidence? You decide.

Despite his profile and picture making him look like a spambot, from some cursory research this gentleman appears to be an entity vaguely resembling a real human being. He follows 653,041 accounts on Twitter. If he spent five seconds reading one tweet by each of these people it would take him 3,265,205 seconds, about 907 hours 0r roughly 38 days to do so. Again we’ll call these followers people for the sake of convenience even though we all know that with this number of them there’s certain to be thousands if not tens of thousands of senseless bots among them.

It’s not unusual or untoward for an institution or business to have…

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