“I talk about art”


Check out my new Vizify profile, with more infographics than anybody– including me– ever wanted or needed about my career and my past or present projects. The scrolling mechanism for trawling back through Twitter is very entertaining in a narcissistic kind of way. It’s a shame Twitter themselves don’t provide anything this elegant for searching your own content. The animation of my travels (on the page labelled “locations”) is like having your head stuck in a pinball machine because I’ve been all over the place and the poor algorithm seems to have got very confused about what was happening and when. Vizify links to LinkedIn and all other major social networks (so it doesn’t link to Google+, hee hee) but it’s far less boring than LinkedIn, although that’s not very high praise since LinkedIn is the dullest social network on Earth.

Update: Intensely stupid name even by the names of internet startups, but RebelMouse also provides a great dynamic summary page of Twitter posts, links, and my blog posts from across all my sites.