John Dee bust 2010


I made ten of these (plus an artist proof) in 2010, as a spin off from my performance lecture Magical Realism, which is about the Elizabethan scientist/magus John Dee. I still have the proof version and used it again recently in a Spanish version of Magickal Realism. Six were sold. I recently rediscovered the remaining four and I’m willing to part with three of them to anyone who’s into Tudor or Elizabethan stuff, magic(k), bald men with moustaches, or whatever. The original latex mould and sculpture are long gone, so even if I recreate some version of them in future this edition is strictly limited.

The busts are made from hydrocal art plaster with a fairly robust black lacquer coating. The lacquer has a shifting blue-green iridescence that is more subtle to the human eye than it is to the camera. It’s actually interference pigment embedded in the top lacquer layers; think beetle wings or crow feathers. Dimensions are approximately 10cm wide x 15cm high x 6cm deep. The base is lined with black felt, with a signed and numbered label.

I’m offering them for the same price as previously, £150 (€200 or $250) plus shipping costs. In fairness to the previous buyers I can’t reduce the price, so please don’t ask! If you would like to buy one or you have any other queries, then please contact me using the form below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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