Performance – Bunnyside Visitor

Maquette and work-in-progress shots of the costume for this commission at b-side Festival on the Isle of Portland, September 2014. This character will be present among the audience at various sites and events throughout the festival week. Mention of the word “rabbit” is traditionally forbidden on Portland.


Maquette, about 30cm tall. Wood, fur, paper.


Maquette, about 30cm tall. Wood, fur, paper.


“March hares, Burlington, Wisconsin.” Age and origin of this photo unknown. I’m guessing early 20th century. I know these are hares and not rabbits, but I was going for this kind of creepy, old fashioned, super-homemade look from old festivals and pre-commercial fancy dress outfits, since rabbits on Portland have a sinister reputation. Cute was not an option.


Photo by Pete Millson of the unfinished costume in March 2014. Having an entire fur body was unbearably hot and stifling, even in March, so it’s now a dinner suited body with a rabbit head… and gloves that actually fit me. The eyes are much larger and more like the maquette’s now.


Another photo by Pete Millson, looking down on Chesil Beach, Portland in March 2014. Several people told me that I’d succeeded in being creepy.