Documentation of some performances I’ve done over the past ten years. See the performance menu above for more exhibition and commissioning information about each one, photo credits. From top: DoxBox trustbot, Opportunity, Unfortunately, The Mel Bear of Melbourne, A Five Year Old Could Do That, Colonel Robin, The Portland Office for Imaginary History, Quid Pro Quo, The Helmsdale Helm, Artbollocks Theatre, Nowhere Plains, Stendhal Syndrome, Magickal Realism, R*****.

DoxBox Trustbot 2019-2020

Two people wearing pink masks and wigs, one wearing a pink kimono and the other wearing a pink jumpsuit, sitting at a table with a gold tablecloth. On the desk is a cubic robot on wheels, with a smiling face.
A person dressed in pink, with a pink mask, leading a small pink robot with a smiling face from a stage.
A person in a pink mask, pink wig and pink kimono, sitting at a gold desk with a pink, cube shaped robot that has a smiling face. A man is listening closely to the robot.

Opportunity, Unfortunately 2017

The artist Alistair Gentry dressed as a stereoptypical artist in a smock, beret and "artistic" moustache.

The Mel-Bear of Melbourne 2017

A green, full body  costume made of wicker, green grocer's artificial grass, and fresh plants and vegetables.

A Five Year Old Could Do That 2017

Alistair Gentry sitting on a river bank, sitting on a bench and playing a small red toy piano. He is wearing a dinner suit and a bow tie. There is man wearing a blue T shirt on the right, talking to Alistair.

Colonel Robin (Christmas Presence) 2016

Alistair Gentry as Colonel Robin. A brown fur mask with gold trim and holes for the eyes, nose and mouth- a white fur body, white cotton gloves, and he is wrapped in strings of sleigh bells and coloured Christmas lights.

The Portland Office for Imaginary History 2016

Alistair Gentry in The Portland Office for Imaginary History: dressed in a khaki uniform with shorts and a cap, he stands in front of a stone wall showing a diagram of various plants. In the foreground, a woman is looking on and laughing.

£ (Quid) Pro Quo 2016

Alistair Gentry performing Quid Pro Quo in a grand but dereilict room. he is wearing a dinner suit, bow tie and a Japanese Tengu mask with a read face. He is reading from a book called The Gift.

The Helmsdale Helm 2015

A person wearing a silver. engraved Viking helmet. They have a false ginger beard and they are shouting or screaming. In the background is a hillside covered in yellow flowering gorse.

Artbollocks Theatre, series 3 2015

Alistair Gentry in Artbollocks Theatre: he has his arms folded and he is dressed as a police officer, except that the police helmet is much too small.

Artbollocks Theatre live 2016

Alistair Gentry in a live performance of Artbollocks Theatre: he is dressed in a Shakespearean costume, standing on stage in front of large curtain, reading from a script.

Artbollocks Theatre, series 1 2013

Alistair Gentry in Artbollocks Theatre: he is wearing a dinner jacket and bow tie. The words SURPRISINGLY DECEPTIVE PLANE appear is large, red capital letters in front of his face.

Nowhere Plains 2005

Alistair Gentry Nowhere Plains: he is in orbit above Mars, wearing a space suit with a clear bubble helmet.

Stendhal Syndrome 2011

Alistair Gentry in Stendhal Syndrome: he is standing in a blank white studio, wearing a pale blue shirt. The word "psychiatrist" appears in large black letters above him.
Alistair Gentry in Stendhal Syndrome: the artists stands in front of a hypnotic black and white spiral and a bright white light is coming out of his head.

Magickal Realism at MACBA, Spain 2013

Alistair Gentry's performance lecture Magickal Realism, live on stage. He is wearing a skeleton costume and a starched Elizabethan ruff. He is breading from a book bound in black leather and holding up a photograph.

Magickal Realism 2009

Alistair Gentry in a combination of modern and Elizabethan dress, with a black hood and a white, starched ruff.
Alistair Gentry in Elizabethan dress, including a white, starched ruff.
Alistair Gentry wearing a cap with long ear flaps, a plague mask with a long pointed nose, and an Elizabethan starched ruff.

R***** 2014

A person in a dinner suit and a white rabbit mask talks to a female tourist.
A person in a black dinner suit and wearing white gloves and a white rabbit mask points to the left of the picture. there are plants and part of a castle in the background.
A close up of a white rabbit mask with a pink nose, whiskers, and bulbous pink eyes.